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3 Reasons to Go Ductless

Central air conditioning gives you the benefit of easily controlling the temperature throughout the home. However, not all homes are set up to install conventional modes of central AC. If you don’t have any ducts in your house, you are fairly limited as to what you can do. While many people could potentially set up a central duct system, the hassle involved with the job probably is not worth it, which is why so many homeowners decide to simply install window units. But we have got a better option for you: a ductless mini split system. Here are 3 reasons we think this may be a better fit for your home.

Hassle-Free Installation

You could choose to renovate your home to include ductwork, and then have a professional install a central air conditioner. But can you imagine the time and hassle that would go into this? Ductless air conditioning systems have two components: an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor blower unit (or several of these, for most homes). The indoor blower mounts high up on the wall, the outside unit is placed much like the standard AC condenser, and the parts are linked with a refrigerant line. The whole process should take less than a day.

Energy Efficiency

Window units may be convenient, but the cost of operation over time is not always worth it. In an area with long, hot summers, you may need your air conditioner for most of the year. Since window units are not held up to the same federal efficiency standards as central air conditioners, they can cost a lot more to run, and they are susceptible to issues. Ductless air conditioners are more efficient than window AC and even many ducted systems.

Zone Control

This depends on whether you are using your ductless AC to cool a single room or a whole home. If you do have multiple units throughout the house, you get the benefit of zone control, the ability to vary the temperature in different rooms throughout the house. This keeps everyone more comfortable and it can help you to save energy.

Call the air conditioning experts at Air Classic today for ductless AC services and for more information about installing a ductless mini split system in Los Angeles, CA.

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