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Los Angeles, CA Heating Repair and Maintenance by Air Classic

Today’s heating systems are very durable, but none will be able to go without annual maintenance or needing repair at some point. The difference comes in who you hire to do the work: a trained expert you can trust, like the ones at Air Classic, or an inexpert person or company, whom you can’t. Expert service makes all the difference between your heating system working optimally and working under stress, and our pros will make sure your experience with us is always an excellent one. We work with just about every kind of heating system around and all the major brand names, so you can rest assured when you call us that our technicians have the experience and know-how to handle your repair needs. And when it comes to maintenance, we’ll perform a full tune-up so your heating system works optimally all winter long.

Air Classic provides air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services throughout Los Angeles, CA.

Is It Time for Repair?

Clearly a heating system that isn’t working at all requires expert help, but a lot of heating systems will continue to work (not well) while still needing repair. As such, you’ll want to pay attention for the following kinds of signs:

  • Strange noises – for the most part, your heating system should be relatively quiet. Loud noises, or strange noises, such as banging, buzzing or clunking mean it’s time to call for one of our experts.
  • Suddenly high energy bills – have you noticed that your monthly fuel bill has skyrocketed, yet you haven’t changed how use your heating system? When systems are stressed they use more energy. If you are seeing huge utility bills come in, give our experts a call.
  • Inability to heat properly – whether you aren’t getting the air volume you need or your heater can’t seem to achieve the temperature you’ve set, it’s time for an expert to take a look.

What Happens During a Maintenance Appointment?

Maintenance isn’t a once–over of your system; it is a full system tune–up that helps your heater be more energy efficient and operate better. Here is a quick overview of what happens during a maintenance appointment with our experts:

  • Thorough inspection of heating unit
  • Cleaning and adjusting of all parts
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Check of all heating elements, including igniters, etc.
  • New air filter
  • Performance testing
  • Check of flue (if there is one)

Can’t I Do This Work Myself?

We hear this a lot, and we have a few things we want you to consider. First, do you really have the expertise to handle a full repair or maintenance job? If not, it’s best to leave the work to us. Second, how much time do you have? We do this work every day, so we’re expedient; however, if you don’t have the in–depth knowledge of your system that an expert will, you could be working for a long time. Third, any mistakes you make could cost you, both in money and in safety. We don’t ever want to see this for any customer, so give us a call and let us handle all of your heating and maintenance needs in Los Angeles, CA.