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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

In the Los Angeles climate with its hot summer and extremely mild winters, a heat pump makes a lot of sense as a residential comfort system. Heat pumps combine the cooling power of a standard air conditioner with energy-efficient heating that can handle the occasional cool temperatures. As long as professionals install a home’s heat pump, the system should be able to see to the comfort needs of a household every day of the year.

Where do you find top professionals to install or replace a heat pump? They’re right here at Air Classic, where we’ve worked with many types of heat pumps, including ductless systems, since 1998. Whether you want to put in a heat pump for your new house or have decided to retire your aging heat pump, you can rely on our HVAC technicians to get the job done with precision and speed.

The HVAC professionals at Air Classic offer quality heat pump installation and replacement services in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

What Separates a Heat Pump System from Other Comfort Systems?

The standard for houses when it comes to providing heating and cooling is a combination of an air conditioner and a furnace (either electric or gas–powered). A heat pump operates similar to an air conditioning system, except that it can also send heat into a house, making a separate furnace unnecessary.

How does a heat pump operate like an AC, yet also provide heating? It’s quite simple in concept: an air conditioning system uses the circulation of refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from the inside of the home (cooling the air) and then release it to the outside. With a heat pump, the system can reverse the movement of refrigerant through the system, and that changes where thermal energy is absorbed and released. The system now absorbs heat from the outdoors and brings it indoors. You only need to make an adjustment to the thermostat and presto! Your air conditioner is now a heater.

Why You Should Consider Heat Pump Installation

The most obvious benefit of installing a heat pump for a home is that it is a two–in–one combo that takes care of comfort requirements for the entire year. There are some other benefits to consider:

  • Safety: If you are worried about using natural gas in your home, a heat pump is an effective and safe alternative heating system. Not only is there zero danger from toxic gases, but the outside cabinet of the heat pump doesn’t even turn hot.
  • Energy efficiency: This is one of the benefits that you’ll receive due to the mild cold weather in Southern California. Heat pumps have little difficulty drawing on the thermal energy outdoors when in heating mode, and this makes them more energy efficient as heaters than most competing systems. Compared to using an electric furnace, the savings of a heat pump during the winter can be immense.

Call Us for Quality Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Even though it is easy to explain how heat pumps can work for both cooling and heating, they are extremely complicated devices and require professionals to handle their installation. They must also be appropriately sized—just like an air conditioner—so that they provide the comfort necessary without draining excessive power.

If you have a current heat pump that you believe needs replacement, give Air Classic a call and we will help you put in a new system. We are also glad to assist if you have never had a heat pump installed before. You can trust to our years of experience keeping Los Angeles, CA homes comfortable no matter the weather.