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Zone Control System Services in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

If there is one major drawback to the traditional forced-air comfort system for a home (i.e. air conditioners and/or furnaces that operate through ductwork) it is that it presents an “all-or-nothing” conundrum. When the heater or AC turns on, conditioned air flows through the ducts to every room, regardless of whether the rooms need it or not. This is sometimes a convenience, but it also leads to energy waste and uncomfortable members of a household.

A zone control system is a way to resolve this problem. You can arrange for professionals to install zone control as part of putting in a new HVAC system, or you can call them to retro-fit your current system. Air Classic can provide you with an excellent zone control system for your home in Los Angeles, CA, and we also provide repair services if something should go wrong with it. Call us today to find out more details.

The HVAC professionals at Air Classic offer installation and other services for zone control systems in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

How a Zone Control System Works

The way technicians set up zone control in a home is by placing dampers within the ducts. These dampers can close off and isolate a room (or "zone") from the flow of conditioned air. The installers can put in a small number of zones, such as for the upstairs or downstairs, or as many zones as there are room vents. Each damper connects to a local thermostat that controls it. In turn, these zone thermostats network into a central panel, where the homeowner can manipulate each zone separately.

How You Will Benefit from Zone Heating and Cooling

A professionally installed zone control system offers multiple advantages, some of which you may not have thought of before:

  • Lower utility bills: If you live in a large enough home, a number of rooms will probably not need cooling or heating during the day. A guest room may not need any climate during for months at a time. It is a waste of energy to send conditioned air to these vacant rooms, and zone control gives you the power to stop expending power needlessly on such spaces.
  • Personalized comfort for everyone: Not everybody in a home has the same temperature preferences. Instead of trying to haggle out the best setting for the house thermostat (probably an unobtainable goal) have a zone control system put in. Now everyone can adjust the climate to their preference using local thermostats.
  • Temperatures match room use: Different rooms around the house can have different temperature requirements. You may want the kitchen to receive more cooling power, while keeping a baby’s room warmer than the rest of the house. With zone control, you can provide each room with the right temperature to suit its purpose.

Call Us for Zone Air Conditioning and Heating Services

The best time to have zone control put in for a home is during the installation of a new HVAC system. The next time you plan on getting a new comfort system, make zone control part of it. But the technicians at Air Classic are also capable of adding a zone control system onto an existing set of ductwork: just give us a call and we’ll arrange it. We are also available to see to any repairs that may crop up. Come to us to receive the best in comfort and energy savings in Los Angeles, CA.