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Los Angeles, CA Duct Testing by Air Classic

It isn’t unusual over time for your ductwork to develop leaks. What is challenging is finding their exact location – but not when you hire the experts at Air Classic to conduct duct testing. With professional duct testing performed by a trained expert, we can pinpoint the exact areas of loss in your ductwork system and create a plan to remedy them so that your ductwork is efficient and effective. Knowing where your ductwork is experiencing air loss is the key to regaining the system’s energy efficiency, and our experts are here to help you accomplish that. Why is it important to find out if your ductwork is losing air? Because faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss. If you have concerns about the functioning of your ductwork in Los Angeles, call us today and schedule an appointment for duct testing services!

Air Classic provides duct testing throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

What Is Duct Testing?

Duct testing is a process in which your ductwork is pressurized to see where air leaks may exist. By manipulating the air pressure in your ductwork with specialized devices, technicians can measure the pressure inside your ductwork to see if it is in the normal range. If it isn’t, the technicians will determine the areas from which air is leaking and depressurizing the system. Once these areas are discovered, you’ll be given written recommendations on how to have them repaired.

Why Is Duct Testing Important?

Why should you consider scheduling duct testing for your home? Here are some reasons to ponder:

  • Energy efficiency – knowing exactly where your ductwork leaks gives you the power to pinpoint needed repair and significantly improve your energy efficiency.
  • Indoor air quality – when you have faulty ductwork, not only does air escape but pollutants, contaminants and excess dust, moisture and dirt enter your ductwork and have a direct path to your living spaces. Being able to repair the faults can greatly increase your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Moisture – excess moisture can lead to the development of mold and mildew and rot wood products. Duct testing can identify these areas so you can take appropriate measures to remedy them.

How Is Duct Testing Done?

There are a few ways in which duct testing can be performed:

  • Blower door test
  • Blower door and pressure pan
  • Duct Blaster
  • Duct Blaster and blower door
  • Using a fog machine

At Air Classic, we use the Duct Blaster method, which is a calibrated air flow measurement system that tests the air tightness of your ductwork. The process is fairly simple: all the ducts in your home are sealed off except the one to which the Duct Blaster is attached. Your ductwork is pressurized (or depressurized), and the amount of work the Blaster has to do to maintain the pressure inside the ductwork provides any and all leakage information.