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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

The level of humidity in the air has a major effect on your comfort. Relative humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air and is usually expressed as a percentage. An ideal percentage is around 30 – 50%, but often it is difficult to achieve this percentage in our homes. Many people end up running their heaters and air conditioners longer to feel more comfortable, when really a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier is the ideal solution.

Call the experts at Air Classic if you are ready to install a whole-home solution to your humidity issues. We can help you assess your home comfort needs and install your new system for you, or provide any services you may need for this system over the years. Trust our team for quality HVAC services in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Air Classic provides humidifier and dehumidifier installation and service throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

The Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Whole–home dehumidifiers work with your heating and air conditioning equipment to remove moisture from the air using very little energy, which is particularly important in the summer. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing this system.

  • Feel more comfortable – High humidity makes it difficult for you to feel comfortable because sweat cannot evaporate from your body with ease when moisture levels are high.
  • Save energy – Running your dehumidifier helps you to cool down faster, which means you will not have to run your air conditioning system for so many hours through the day, saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Reduce allergens – High levels of humidity gives water the chance to collect around the home, which means mold and mildew may result. Installing a dehumidifier can reduce the chances that these allergens will develop in the first place.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

If the humidity in the home is too low, it can cause nearly as many comfort and health issues as high humidity. Here are some of the ways that installing a whole–home humidifier can help you out.

  • Relieve dry skin – Dry skin and chapped lips are common side effects of low humidity in the home. Find relief and put down those lotions and balms when you install a whole–home humidifier.
  • Prevent and treat sinus issues – Dry sinuses result from low humidity and can lead to a number of health issues. Dried sinuses can also make it more difficult for you to recover from an illness.
  • Protect your home – Without enough moisture in the home, wood furniture, flooring, and plaster may actually crack and peel.

We Offer Whole–House Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services

The friendly professionals on our team are happy to help you find the best humidifier or dehumidifier for your home. Installing one of these whole–home HVAC systems would be difficult without the proper expertise. Call one of our indoor air quality specialists today for installation, repairs, or for a routine maintenance visit. Air Classic is happy to help you keep your humidity problems under control with our expert humidifier and dehumidifier services in the Los Angeles, CA area.