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Commercial Dehumidifier in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

When humidity levels are high outdoors, you can definitely feel it. High levels of moisture in the air mean it feels as if the air is warmer than it actually is. When you step into an air conditioned building, you may feel some relief, but a separate system is often necessary for your commercial property in order to really keep humidity levels under control.

Air Classic installs and services commercial dehumidifiers in the Los Angeles, CA and Santa Clarita, CA areas. These powerful systems allow everyone in your building to feel cooler without running your air conditioner non-stop. We are skilled at finding a unit that works for any property, and we will carefully inspect the system so that you can feel confident yours operates correctly. Trust our indoor air quality experts for some of the finest service around.

Air Classic provides commercial dehumidifier installation and service throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

Dehumidifiers Keep Everyone Comfortable

One of the main reasons to install a dehumidifier is for the health and comfort of everyone on your commercial property. Your body stays cool by evaporating heat, which cannot happen effectively if there is too much moisture in the air.

Air conditioners dehumidify to an extent, but you may have to run the air conditioner all day long in order to achieve the results you want, and the colder temperatures can also cause some discomfort. A dehumidifier uses less energy so that your employees and clients are satisfied without a major increase in your energy bills. This also keeps the parts of your commercial air conditioning system from wearing down too much, which means you may not have to replace it so soon.

A Commercial Dehumidifier Can Also Protect Your Property

High levels of humidity can also cause water to pool up in different areas of your building, on the walls, floors, or ceiling. This may result in water damage, which could require some major renovations at some point in time. In fact, this buildup of water could lead to the development of mold and mildew. A commercial dehumidifier protects your building, removing one of the most common sources of mold growth indoors: high humidity.

Choose Commercial Dehumidifier Installation over Portable Units

You may find portable units that you could potentially install in the areas of your building that you use the most, but we recommend strongly against this. Commercial dehumidifiers fit into the ducts, which means they pull water vapor out of the air as your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems suck it in. This protects your entire building from the potential of water damage or the spread of a mold problem.

Call Today for Commercial Dehumidifier Services in Los Angeles, CA

Our commercial dehumidifier services keep the air in your building a lot more comfortable. As long as you have a ventilation system in place, we can install a quality dehumidifier for you. Call the indoor air quality specialists at Air Classic for service or installation in the Los Angeles and Canyon Country, CA area.