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Commercial Thermostat in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

The only part of your commercial air conditioning and heating systems you really have to deal with on a regular basis is the thermostat. When something goes wrong with the thermostat, or if it is no longer performing up to the standards you set for your business, you can trust our team to help you through it. Air Classic installs and services commercial thermostats in the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA areas. You can count on us to diagnose a thermostat issue quickly and to help you find a suitable replacement unit and install it for you. Call our skilled team of technicians at the first sign of thermostat trouble, and we will help get your business back on its feet.

Air Classic provides commercial thermostat replacement, installation, and service throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

Choosing a New Commercial Thermostat

Finding the right commercial thermostat for your property can be a challenge when there are so many available to you. Thankfully, the professionals at Air Classic are here to help. We’ve provided this list of what to look for in a new thermostat, but make sure that you speak with our HVAC professionals about your particular needs in Los Angeles or Santa Clarita, CA.

  • Make sure it can manage all of the commercial HVAC equipment on your property. Many commercial properties have a lot of systems helping to keep the air filtered and conditioned. You may have a single high–efficiency AC and heating system, a separate system, or additional systems like a dehumidifier. Your thermostat must be able to control every aspect of your commercial HVAC system, and your technician can help ensure that it does.
  • Find a thermostat that is easy for employees or tenants to control. You’re probably not the only one with access to the thermostat on your property. Make sure it is easy for everyone on the property to operate (without reading a lengthy manual) by choosing a model with a clear display and easy–to–use programming settings.
  • Choose a thermostat with all of the special features you need for optimal comfort. Modern thermostats have programming settings that make it easy to vary the temperature throughout the week. Some smart thermostats can even be operated from the comfort of your own home from a computer or smart phone.

Does Your Thermostat Need Repair?

When your commercial air conditioning or heating system will not operate properly, your first reaction is to check the thermostat. If the thermostat is set correctly, how can you tell whether it is responsible? It’s best to let a technician find out. Thermostat issues can cause temperature inaccuracies, short cycling, or a complete system breakdown, but only a trained technician can know for sure whether it is the fault of the controls or the system itself.

Call Air Classic for Commercial Thermostat Services in Los Angeles, CA

When your system stops working, our experts are happy to give it a look and let you know whether your thermostat is at fault. We are also here to help you choose a brand new thermostat that makes it easier for you and your employees to stay in control. Call Air Classic today for quality thermostat services in the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA areas.