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Duct Insulation in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

Ductwork has long been used to provide air to living spaces, but it isn’t an infallible system. Just as a tank water heater can lose energy efficiency when it isn’t wrapped, so, too, can your ductwork – but not when you have trained ductwork experts, likes the ones at Air Classic, insulate your ductwork. Insulating your ductwork is complex because your ductwork system is long and complex; as such, it is worthwhile to have only an expert handle all the work. Our professionals know the best types of insulation to use and how to insulate your ductwork so that it remains durable for a good, long time. Don’t take a risk by trying to insulate your ductwork yourself, or by hiring someone inexpert to do the work. Instead, call us today and see how our professional duct insulation service can help you, your HVAC system and your ductwork!

Air Classic provides duct insulation throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

Why Does Ductwork Need Insulation?

Duct insulation, also known as duct wrap, helps to slow the transfer of heat. This is important during both the summer and the winter. Heat will always seek out cold air. With your ductwork insulated, you won’t have to worry about your cool, conditioned air being infiltrated by warm air during the warm months of the year, or your warm air being reduced by infiltrating cold air during the winter months. This is very important to your year–round comfort.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Ductwork Insulation?

Ductwork insulation does more than slow the transfer of heat; it also provides these other benefits:

  • Better energy efficiency – with insulation, your ductwork will not be prone to losing thermal energy, making your HVAC system more energy efficient.
  • Better condensation control – duct insulation greatly reduces and even eliminates issues with condensation on cold ductwork.
  • Improved ductwork longevity– ductwork is exposed to all kinds of debris and potential damage; with the layer of protection as provided by the insulation, you can extend the life of your ductwork.

Types of Ductwork Insulation

You’ve probably seen the yellow or pink batt insulation before, the kind that looks like cotton candy. This is not the kind of insulation typically used to insulate ductwork. Here are some of the commonly used types of insulation for wrapping ductwork:

  • Duct insulation sleeves – the sleeves come in pre–measured lengths that can be cut down as needed.
  • Foil–backed, self–adhesive foam – roll insulation that is about a foot wide and easily wraps around your ductwork.
  • Fiberglass and cotton – typically comes in foot–wide rolls with foil backing to create a good vapor barrier.
  • Foil–backed bubble wrap – this type of insulation is the most economical, but also requires more work to be effective.

We Offer Duct Insulation Services

Ductwork is durable, but you can make it work optimally with duct insulation services provided by Air Classic. We will examine your ductwork, determine the right kind of insulation for the job, and install your duct insulation so that it provides years of benefit to you, your ductwork, your home and your HVAC system.