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5 Money-Saving Tips for Cooling Your Home This Summer

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills this summer? Cool your home more efficiently and reduce problems with your air conditioning system by following our helpful tips:

  • Get a Programmable Thermostat and Learn How to Use It – One of the smallest parts of your air conditioner is also one of the biggest energy wasters. If your thermostat is manual, you probably have a hard time getting the settings just right, and you may leave the AC running for too long since there are no presets available. Switch to a programmable thermostat that shuts off and turns on at the time you’ve set in advance to save energy, and learn more about all of the settings by checking the manual (or searching for a copy on the internet).
  • Consider a Dehumidifier – It can get quite humid in Southern California, and your air conditioner has to run for much longer to rid your home of enough humidity for you to stay comfortable. A dehumidifier does so using less energy, and it can help you to stay comfortable year round.
  • Call for Repairs ASAP – When you delay calling for an AC repair for a minor issue, it can become worse and worse until your whole system eventually fails. Calling for repairs right away can come with a lower cost than waiting for a full system breakdown. Besides, a worn down part will mean the system has to draw in more energy to operate.
  • Seal the Ducts – Unfortunately, most air ducts develop leaks at some point, which means you pay to cool areas of your home that you do not even use, and your AC runs for longer periods of time. Have a professional assess your ductwork if you want to make sure that your air conditioner delivers air directly to your home.
  • Open the Vents – The vents that lead into your bedroom are adjustable, but this doesn’t mean you should open and close them freely to control the temperature. If you have to use the vents to even out the temperature around the home, there is something wrong with your air conditioner, and you should have the problem checked out by a professional.

Call Air Classic for more money-saving tips or for air conditioning maintenance, repairs, or installation in the Los Angeles, CA area. You can count on us for exceptional service and quality work!

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