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Great job! Well done! There are awesome staffs that are trained and knowledgeable about the system they are working on.

- Tony B., Glendale, CA

They are friendly system installers who knew exactly what they were doing. Finished the installation in a jiffy and didn’t take their time just to bill us more. Air Classic is a great bet in getting quality service.

- Michael F., Hollywood

They provide standard services and ridiculously good home air cooling and heating service. Definite thumbs up!

- Jeffrey L., Palmdale, CA

I needed the smallest unit just to cool and heat my room without affecting the rest of the home. I didn’t think it was possible to just have a room air conditioner that would serve this purpose. I really like the fact that they didn’t charge me an arm and a leg and the job was completed in less than a day!

- Patricia Q., Studio City, CA

As a building manager for over 26 apartment units, Air Classic has been a great honor to work with and has made my job easy each time. Air Classic is a great company that takes care of their customers and pride in their work. Prices are great, people are great. It is always a pleasure working with them.

- Aaron B., Beverly Hills, CA

First time I’ve used Air Classic and I have to give them a glowing review of what they have done for me. They have one of the most reasonable air conditioning prices whether it is repair or installation. I highly recommend them, especially if you are trying to save money.

- Lars P., Pasadena, CA

I’ve used Air Classic several times now and have recommended them to neighbors and family. They are truly good at what they do and know their stuff well. If you are looking for an air condition installer or just someone to make repairs, I am sure you will like Air Classic.

- Grace P., Los Angeles, CA 

We actually thought we had to spend thousands of dollars replacing the entire home air conditioning setup after we moved into our new house. We spent days researching and finally found Air Classic on the Internet. They sent a representative out to take a look at what we had. A few quick checks and he (a really polite expert, by the way) said it would cost us a fraction just to repair it instead!

- Mr. &Mrs. Skolinsky, Malibu, CA

They provide awesome air conditioning service. We were surprised at the knowledge these guys had and they weren’t trying to nickel and dime us! We will definitely use their services again whenever we need our air conditioning repaired or replaced.

- Mr. &Mrs. Galloway, Santa Monica, CA

We just bought our place several months ago and needed to get the existing ventilation system repaired urgently. We heard about Air Classic through a new neighbor and called them. They sent a professional air conditioning technician right away, we had our air conditioning system serviced and repaired within a day.

- Mrs. Thomason., Glendale, CA

Air Classic gave us great and no mess repair services. We thought we were about to spend thousands just replacing the entire air conditioning system, then one of their technicians told us an air duct was all blocked up. Fast service and very professional.

- Caroline T., Burbank, CA

We wanted to save money and try to fix our cooling and heating structure ourselves. Not only did I not fix the problem with excess heat coming out of our heating system when we didn’t need it, I believe I probably made a huge mess. I’m glad Air Classic got out there within hours of our emergency call and the mess was fixed right away.

- Peterson L., Encino, CA

I’ve been shopping around for quite some time and knew we needed our home air conditioning to be installed before the warm summer comes here again. Air Classic’s rates were reasonable and they gave us a rundown on how they would be able to help.

- Barrie W., Sherman Oaks, CA

Air Classic provides great home air conditioning service and was quick to respond to my emergency. I badly needed to get my old system fixed and they came right away.

- Aaron B., Beverly Hills, CA

Air Classic installed in our townhouse new Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning System. The installation was done professionally and very quickly, in just two days. In a future I’m going to use this company for heating and air conditioning services and will recommend them to my friends and relatives.

- Walter Stolin, Santa Monica, CA