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Furnace Installation and Replacement in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

No heating system has a longer history than the furnace. Furnaces started out as variations on wood-burning stoves. Current furnaces found serving the warmth needs of homes are advanced to provide the highest levels in safety and fuel-efficiency. There are so many different furnace types available today that it is a simple job for professionals to match a home with a system that will see to its needs.

Air Classic has been in the business of supplying homes with excellent heating and cooling since 1998. We specialize in finding affordable and energy-efficient options for residential heating. When you call us in Los Angeles to handle your new furnace installation or replacement, you can rest assured that you will receive work from trained and certified technicians who place customer service as their #1 priority.

The heating technicians at Air Classic offer furnace installation and furnace replacement in Los Angeles, CA and Canyon Country.

What Are My Options for Furnace Installation?

No type of heating system is more flexible than the furnace. They come in numerous types and sizes and with different efficiency levels and features. You may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choices available, but this is why you should rely on professionals to assist you. They’ll know the correct furnace to meet your comfort and budget requirements. There are two broad furnace types that the majority of homes use:

  • Natural gas furnace: For houses that have a connection to a municipal gas line, a natural gas furnace is one of the best options for heating. Gas furnaces have immense heating power, able to overcome drafts in older houses. They also burn cleaner than oil and propane furnaces, and they offer tremendous energy savings.
  • Electric furnace: For homes that lack a natural gas line or for people who have concerns about the safety of using natural gas, an electric furnace is an alternative. Although these furnaces are not as energy efficient as gas model, they have a number of advantages, such as longer lifespans, smaller size, and easier maintenance.

Signs That It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

No furnace, regardless of how well it was manufactured and how much maintenance it receives, can endure forever. A time will come when replacing an ailing and inefficient furnace is a homeowner’s most cost–effective solution. Here are some signs that you should contact us to arrange for new furnace installation:

  • Rising heating bills: Furnaces will start to lose their energy efficiency rapidly when they near the end of their service lives. If your heating bills start to rise and repairs won’t reverse the trend, you should call professionals to replace the furnace.
  • Noisy operation: If a furnace begins to make a racket every time it comes on, producing clanging and groaning noises, it has probably worn past the point where repairs will do any good.
  • Corrosion: When corrosion and rust start to appear on an older gas furnace, you should act quickly—and this usually means replacing the decaying furnace.

Look to Us for Furnace Installation and Replacement Services

Regardless of whether a gas or electric furnace is in your future for installation, you should call Air Classic to take care of the job. Our experience will make sure that your family stays both safe and warm with an affordable option for home heating.