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Duct Sealing in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

Did you know that faulty ductwork can account for up to a third of your home’s total air loss? Imagine the energy bills! But with professional duct sealing from Air Classic, you can recoup that air loss and make your ductwork system fully functional again. While you may have heard that putting a piece of duct tape over the problem areas of your ductwork will help, this simply isn’t true. Not only does it fail to resolve the initial problem, that of faulty ductwork, but it also leaves a sticky mess.

However, our experts can help. Ductwork can become faulty for a number of reasons, but all of them add up to problems for you, your home and your HVAC system. So let our experts get your ductwork back on track with professional duct sealing services for your home in Los Angeles, CA – call us today!

Air Classic provides duct sealing services throughout Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

What Is Duct Sealing?

When our experts perform duct sealing to your ductwork, the first step our trained technician will take will be to inspect your entire system to assess all the trouble spots. He/she will be looking for holes, cracks and disconnections. Once these areas have been identified, mastic, a fibrous substance, will be used to cover these areas. Mastic cures into a hard yet flexible seal that is durable and long–lasting, allowing your ductwork to function optimally again.

Why Is Duct Sealing Important?

There are a few reasons why you should consider having our pros seal your ductwork if it is faulty:

  1. Increased indoor air quality – not only can your air escape from your faulty ductwork, outside pollution, odors, moisture and contaminants can get in, significantly decreasing your home’s indoor air quality.
  2. Regain your energy efficiency – significant air loss puts stress on your system by forcing it to compensate for the air loss while fighting to achieve the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat.
  3. Less wear on your system – a system that works in a stressed state for a long period of time will suffer from excessive wear and tear, which can increase the possibility for malfunction and breakdown.

We Offer Duct Sealing Service in Los Angeles and the Surrounding Areas

Whenever it comes to any kind of ductwork services for your home, it’s critical to hire trained experts. Our professionals bring 15 years’ worth of experience to every job, as well as expert training and knowledge. You can trust our pros to seal your ducts properly for years of continued use, and you won’t even know we’ve been there because we clean up after every job. Don’t keep losing your cooled or warmed air to faulty ductwork. Instead, call us today and let our experts get your ductwork in the best shape possible with duct sealing!