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Ductless Mini Split Systems in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

The standard for central air conditioning in a home is a split system that consists of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit and air handler. The air handler sends the cooled air into a branching network of ducts to distribute it around the home. However, this is not the only way to send conditioned air—both cold and hot—throughout a house. The ductless mini split heat pump is an innovation in comfort technology that has grown in popularity for homes.

If you think a ductless system is a possibility for your current house or new building project, call Air Classic. We can explain the details of these systems and find out if one will match your needs. In addition to installation and replacement services, our experienced technicians in Los Angeles, CA also provide repairs and routine maintenance for ductless mini splits. Thanks to our many years in the business of providing comfort for homes, you can count on us to see that you have a ductless heating and cooling system that works at its best.

The HVAC experts at Air Classic offer installation, repair, and maintenance service for ductless mini split systems in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, CA.

How a Ductless Mini Split Operates

The difference between a standard split AC or heat pump and a ductless mini split is that the latter uses multiple indoor units rather than a single indoor unit and air handler. The outside cabinet connects to a series of small air handlers that are placed around the house, usually mounted up on the walls of rooms. Each air handler also contains a refrigerant coil so it can cool down or heat up the air which a blower fans then sends straight into the room. There is no need for even an inch of ductwork. Professionals will find out the right number of air handlers for a house and take care of a speedy installation job.

Some Benefits of Installing a Ductless Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

Why should a homeowner consider going with a ductless heat pump rather than a standard split system? Here are some reasons:

  • Space–saving: For new home construction or older homes that lack the room for ducts, a mini split is an excellent alternative. Without ducts consuming space, even the oldest house can enjoy central air, and new homes can be designed without worrying about putting aside large areas to hold the ducts.
  • Energy efficiency: Standard ducted ACs and heat pumps lose energy through the long stretches of the ventilation shaft. Because ductless systems don’t have this problem, they work at greater efficiency and will help save money on utility bills.
  • Zone control: Since each air handler works independent of the others, a homeowner can control which rooms receive heating and cooling, shutting off the air handlers in empty rooms. This is another way to save money, and it also permits individuals in a house to adjust temperatures to their liking wherever they are.

We Offer Ductless Cooling and Hearing Installation and Other Services

If a ductless mini split heat pump sounds like something that would benefit your current (or future) home, call Air Classic. We will see that you receive a great new system installation. If you are already enjoying ductless heating and cooling, rely on our services whenever you require repairs or routine maintenance.