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Heating in Los Angeles, CA by Air Classic

Although people in the colder parts of the country may scoff at the idea of residents of Los Angeles requiring any kind of home heating service, we know that cold temperatures do happen here—and often homes are unprepared for them. This is why you need to rely on heating professionals to equip your house with a heater. Experts will see that your family is kept comfortable without the heating system draining extra resources that will result in inflated bills. Professionals are also necessary to take care of repairs fast when malfunctions occur and can keep the system maintained each year.

Air Classic has worked since 1998 at providing homes in the area with both air conditioning and heating services. We know all about the specific heating requirements of Southern California homes, and we will see that you have the ideal system to match your requirements. You can also trust to our rapid repair work and thorough maintenance program.

When you need professional heating services in Los Angeles or Santa Clarita, CA, call the experienced team at Air Classic.

Why You Need Professional Heating Contractors

Although we understand why many homeowners like to take the DIY route when it comes to improvements around the house, working on heating systems is something that must remain in the hands of trained professionals. This is partially an issue of safety: natural gas–powered heaters are among the most common types of heating systems, and unlicensed amateurs should never work on any appliance connected to a gas line. But even electrical heating systems offer a number of dangers for people who lack the necessary skills and equipment.

Another reason that you should always hire professionals to handle heating services is that it is the only way to ensure the job gets done right. Mistakes made in anything from a full installation to a small repair can result in a heater that doesn’t work as it should or which wastes money every time it comes on. When you turn to the HVAC experts for your heating needs, you can relax knowing that the job was done right and you household’s needs are secure.

Some of the Heating Systems and Heating Services We Offer

When you call on Air Classic, you have access to comprehensive heating services: we install, replace, repair, and maintain a wide range of different types of heaters for Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. Below are some of the services you will find with us:

Ductless Mini Split Systems

You no longer need a large ventilation system consisting of ducts in order to enjoy a forced–air heating system. We can install a ductless mini split heat pump for your home that uses multiple room–mounted air handlers to provide the household with quality comfort. These systems are also energy efficient, and because they are a type of heat pump, they will also provide you with excellent air conditioning performance.

Furnace Installation and Replacement

A furnace is probably one of your top choices when it comes to installing a new heater. We handle installing both natural gas and electric furnaces, and we will make sure that you have the right type for your needs. If you think that your current furnace is near to retirement, you only need to contact us to arrange for a swift replacement.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

A malfunctioning furnace is something you want professionals to take care of, regardless of whether it is a gas or electric model. We will rush to your assistance and have your comfort restored fast. We also encourage you to sign up for our maintenance program to care for your furnace every year and maximize its lifespan, performance, and efficiency.

Heating Installation and Replacement

What sort of heating system is the right match for your home, family, and budget? You can leave the answer to that question to our team of professionals. We will determine the ideal model and size of heat pump or furnace to see that everyone in your home stays warm, no matter the temperature outside. We also replace older systems with new units, and do the job fast.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

If you have a heat pump that isn’t living up to expectations—or isn’t working at all—call us. We provide heat pump repairs that will restore your comfortable interior in no time at all. Our regular maintenance program also applies to heat pumps, so sign up with us today.


A well–chosen and well–working thermostat can make an enormous difference in the quality and energy performance of a heating system. Our technicians have extensive experience with installing new thermostats to upgrade HVAC systems, and we can also provide the repairs that thermostats may need from time to time.

Zone Control System

A good option for forced–air heating systems that use ducts is to install a zone control system. This allows you to manipulate the temperature of different sections of your home separate from one another. Call our team today to arrange for zone control services.