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When You Neglect Your Air Ducts, You Pay

When asked to name the components of an air conditioning and heating system, most homeowners can tell you the basics. They know there is a furnace in their home, and they can hear a fan turn on when the system kicks in. They know about the outside unit of the air conditioner or heat pump as it is quite obvious when you step outside. And they can see the thermostat and the vents the air flows out of.

But one of the most important components of a conventional air conditioning or heating system is the ductwork. It may seem like these do not do much, acting as a pathway between the heater or air conditioner and your vents. But maintaining the ducts is crucial in the performance of your comfort system, and it has an effect on how much you spend each month.

Are your ducts leaking?

Most homes have leaks in the ducts to some extent. With all of the air pressure your ducts take on in a year, they are bound to suffer some damage over their life. Improper installation and loose materials may also be the reason for your leaks. In some cases, there are several small holes and cracks along the joints. But sometimes, entire pieces of the duct work are dilapidated.

The cost of leaky ducts

The EPA estimates that up to 30% of the air that passes through your heating and air conditioning systems gets lost through the ducts. That means that 30 cents of every $1 you spend on heating and cooling costs actually goes toward heating or cooling a space you don’t actually use, such as the attic or a crawlspace.

Don’t waste your money on leaky ductwork. Call in a specialist for professional duct testing to find out if you have leaks. Duct sealing is an involved process, and you’ll need someone familiar with the ins and outs of duct systems to take care of the job.

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