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How Safe Is Your Heater?

For any homeowner, the safety and security of a home is the number one priority. And long ago, heating systems were a big concern as far as home fires, gas leaks, and toxic carbon monoxide leaks were concerned. Today, heating systems are safer than they were decades ago—but some heating systems can still be dangerous if they are not properly installed or maintained. Below, we offer some advice on how you can stay safe this year.

Modern Advancements in Furnace Technology

As long as your furnace is installed and maintained by a trained, certified, and licensed company, you shouldn’t have to worry about many issues over the years. Furnaces have multiple safety switches within them that keep the system from overheating, prevent gas leaks, and ensure that carbon monoxide vents properly away from the home. But improper installation could increase your chances that such troubles will occur.

Prevent Problems with Proper Maintenance

Have a technician inspect your furnace each year to find out whether you are at risk for a carbon monoxide leak or any other hazard due to a faulty furnace system. A technician may also provide a tune-up, which can help to improve the performance of your furnace and prevent problems from occurring with time.

Keep Your Home Safe

There are some adjustments only a technician is qualified to make to your system. But there are a couple of ways that you can help to prevent safety issues from occurring. Change the air filter in your system each and every month (or clean it if yours happens to be removable). Make sure your smoke detectors are working as well as your carbon monoxide detectors (you should have one of these for each floor of your home).

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