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A Few Ways to Upgrade Your Heating System

It may not be time to replace your heating system just yet, but you can still make a few improvements. Today, there are features available for your HVAC system that can keep you more comfortable and even help you to stay healthy during the winter. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to upgrade your heating system!

  • Thermostat: Not all thermostats are the same. If you’re still using an outdated manual thermostat, you’re missing out on an opportunity to save money and feel more comfortable with preset programming options, or even a smart thermostat you can operate from your cell phone.
  • Zone Control: It can be difficult to make everyone happy with the temperature when you’re running the heater in a large household. A zone control system allows you to vary the temperature around the home with separate thermostats in each room. It also helps you to achieve even temperatures if it’s difficult for you to stay comfortable in a larger home.
  • Humidifier: One of the reasons people tend to get sick more easily in the winter is dry air. Dry sinuses make viruses more likely to spread and can prolong illness, but you can install a whole-home humidifier for your comfort and health.
  • UV Lights: Your air filter may help with some of the contaminants in your air, but not all of them. Some of the tiniest microorganisms like bacteria and viruses may still pass through, or they can live in your ducts and move out into the air as you run your heater. UV lights kill viruses and bacteria so that you can keep healthy.
  • Duct Testing: Did you know that the majority of homes have duct leaks which result in a significant loss of energy as you run the heater? Schedule professional duct testing today to find out if you need to repair your ducts for better comfort and efficiency.

Air Classic provides heating system upgrades for Hollywood residents. Contact us for all your air conditioning and heating needs!

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