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Why Does Water Leak from the AC Condensate Drain Line?

Oftentimes, people mistake their air conditioning system leak for a plumbing leak. Air conditioners can leak water into the living space, or water can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages to your home! If you’re wondering what to do, or why this happens in the first place, read on, and call our technicians for AC repairs.

Should I Be Concerned?

Whether your drain line leak damages part of your property depends on the location of the indoor air unit. Often, the location makes it possible for some level of damage, and water damage can be very harmful. Not only will you need to renovate. You may also have to worry about mold growth or the development of mildew.

When you notice a leak, call a technician in ASAP, and be sure to shut off your air conditioning unit first. If you’re concerned about future leaks, you should know that AC maintenance visits help to prevent problems with the condensate drain that lead to a moisture overflow.

Why Did It Happen?

There are a few different reasons water may leak from your air conditioning system. Condensation builds up on the inside coil of your AC system as warm air blows past the coil, but it should drain away from the unit—unless something is wrong. Call a technician to find out for sure, and schedule AC maintenance once a year!

  • A clogged condensate drainpipe – A technician can clean out dirt and debris for you to prevent the pipe from overflowing.
  • The need for a condensate pump – You might actually need a pump to help with your condensate drainage needs. A condensate pump helps to carry water out of the pipes in case your AC has trouble on its own.
  • A poorly installed drainage system – Unfortunately, many technicians also don’t really take the time to make sure that the job is done properly. If the condensate tray (where condensate first drips before draining through the condensate pipe) is not angled correctly, it may lead to leakage.

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