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A Better Duct System Helps to Improve Your Air Conditioner

The way an air conditioning system works is a bit complicated. Motors, transfer fluid, wiring, compressors, coils, and more all work together to move heat out of a home and introduce cool air into the home. But the way a duct system works is a lot easier to explain.

What the Ducts Do

Your air ducts are made of something like sheet metal and are basically a pathway—a trail leading from the air unit (that removes heat and cools down a coil) towards the rooms of your home. The ducts branch off at certain points to ensure that you get some airflow in every room.

Why the Design Matters

While it’s easy to explain how your ducts work—since they typically have no moving components or electrical wiring—it’s a lot harder to explain how a set of ducts are designed.

Ideally, a technician will take a lot of time to install a set of ducts in your home. It’s an important fixture that should last for decades, after all, and you don’t want anything to go wrong. Careful load calculations are required to ensure that your air conditioner’s capacity will match the measurements of your home, and the same is true of your ducts.

Many Ducts Are Designed Poorly

Unfortunately, lots of ducts are not properly designed. A lot of building contractors allow general contracting to cover the air ducts, rather than hiring professional HVAC technicians to do the job. Too many bends in the ductwork make airflow less efficient, raising your bills and overworking an AC system.

If you notice problems with the performance of your air conditioner and heater, it might be time for an upgrade. Call in local technicians to find out if duct replacement is in order!

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