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The Importance of Cleaning or Changing Your Air Filter

The filter of your air conditioning system does more than clean the air. The air filter blocks particles from ever entering into the central blower unit, which means debris cannot damage the system and force the parts to wear down faster. However, a dirty filter can have the opposite effect. Clogged air filters can lead to a number of repair needs within the system over time, which is why we recommend changing it every month. So how can something as simple as dirt cause so much damage?

The Damage of Dirt

The blower fan in your air conditioning and heating system sucks in air in order to bring it to the desired temperature and blow it back out to the rooms of the home. Debris is caught in the filter, and the amount of debris that builds up within a few weeks is not usually significant.

But after a couple of months, the buildup of dirt may eventually keep the fan from sucking in the proper amount of air. Your system was designed for a set amount of airflow, and any change in the airflow can potentially damage the system. Without enough warm air blowing over the coil, the coil may freeze, rendering it unable to do its job. Other parts can suffer as well as they become overworked attempting to make up for the lack of air, and the efficiency of your system may drop. While you may have saved money on a new filter, you’re risking costly repairs and higher-than-average energy bills.

Change or Clean Your Filter Once Each Month

If you change your air filter once a month (or clean out a reusable filter), and schedule annual maintenance visits, you can expect your air conditioner to perform at peak efficiency and performance levels. Such a simple task can even allow the parts of your system to last for longer, extending your blower unit’s lifespan.

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