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Why Any Homeowner Can Benefit from Duct Testing

When you experience issues getting the right amount of air into your home, your first assumption is likely that there is a problem with the air conditioner (or heating system). Many people—and even many technicians—overlook the possibility that the air ducts are actually responsible for many heating and cooling issues. Schedule duct testing today to find out whether your ductwork has an effect on your home comfort. This service can make you aware of issues that could be costing you, so that you can schedule the proper services to repair your ducts.

Ducts Develop Leaks

The truth is that any home system will develop problems given enough time. And leaky ductwork is a problem in most homes, according to the EPA. In fact, the typical duct system loses about 20% of the air that moves through them. This can have a major impact on your home and your HVAC system:

  • Reduced Energy Efficiency: With holes in the ducts, the air from your HVAC system cannot make it to your home in a timely manner. Since your AC or heater will continue to run in an attempt to cool down the home anyway, it may result in high energy bills.
  • Potential HVAC System Problems: This extended run time can also lead to problems with the heater or air conditioner, due to the unnecessary extra work.
  • Discomfort: Leaks in the ducts can mean that air cannot reach certain rooms in your home, which can lead to stuffiness and general discomfort due to inadequate temperatures.

You Can’t See a Leak

While leaking sometimes leads to a noticeable change in the amount of air coming into your home, you may not notice any issues with your home comfort at all. Still, a significant amount of duct leakage may be present, and it’s a good idea to check for this issue to give you peace of mind over your system or to potentially save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

Schedule duct testing in Beverly Hills, CA today to find out about any problems in your ductwork. Contact Air Classic for all your air conditioning and heating needs!

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