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Spring Allergies Call for Electronic Air Cleaners

You have an air filter in your system, and you change it regularly every month (or two or three). And yet, your children, your spouse, or even your pets seem to sneeze more than they should. Some family members may even notice that their allergies worsen when the air conditioning system or heater is running. So what can you do to get the problem under control?

The problem with most air filters

The issue with the standard air filter is that it is typically only designed for very basic indoor air quality control. While it does help to keep many allergens out of the air, like pollen, it may do a poor job of eliminating the things that trigger your allergies—smaller irritants like mold spores.

Choosing more effective filtration

You could choose a more effective air filter by selecting one with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). But if you choose one that’s too effective, it might block airflow from entering the heater or air conditioner. This could cause the system to struggle, resulting in potential repairs and higher heating and cooling costs.

Whole-Home Electronic Air Cleaners

One of the best solutions to spring allergies is the addition of a whole-home electronic air cleaner for your HVAC system. An electronic air cleaner uses ionization to charge particles that move through the system. They then cling on to a set of metal plates within the system, which you’ll have to clean off. This can get the tiny particles that your home air filter often misses.

You can also choose air cleaners that use UV lights to clean the air. As bacteria, viruses, and other small living things move through the system, they are killed on contact. Don’t worry, this is only harmful for microscopic organisms in the ducts and not for your family.

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