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Proper Sealing Is Key to Your HVAC System

The key to an efficient air conditioning and heating system is putting as little wear and tear on the system as is possible. When air is able to leak out of your home or out of the ducts that supply air from the HVAC system to the various rooms, the system has to run longer to keep you comfortable. And this means that the components suffer more long-term wear than in a home that is properly sealed with secure ductwork as well.

Weatherproofing a Home

This step is something you may be able to do on your own. Identifying and fixing air leaks around the home or areas where heat can transfer back and forth can ease the work of your air conditioning and heating systems.

Look for areas around windows or doors where you can feel air or heat getting through. Caulking or weatherstripping reduce leaks in these areas. You might use foam around the doors and a door sweep at the bottom.

Sealing Your Ducts

Sealing the air ducts is not something you can do on your own. Heating and cooling ducts are difficult enough to access as it is, and your everyday duct tape really isn’t suitable to seal ductwork with. Duct sealing technicians have mastic and professional sealants that the standard homeowner does not have access to.

A technician will first perform a duct test to determine the level of leakage within your system. They will give you a full report as well as their recommendations for remediating the issue.

You might not be able to tell that your ducts are leaky, but most ducts are. The EPA estimates that about 20% of the air that moves through a standard duct system gets lost along the way, or up to 30% if there is a severe level of leakage. Call a technician to find out how your ducts are doing with professional duct testing.

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