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Set the Thermostat to Your Ideal Temperature—Not Any Lower

We know that on a hot day, you look forward to walking into an air conditioned room. Many people walk straight to the thermostat when they get home, setting the temperature as low as it can go for fast relief. But this is problematic, for many reasons.

Setting the Thermostat Lower Won’t Cool the Home Any Faster

A lower temperature is not going to cool the room any faster. It is only going to make it colder than you need.

Your air conditioner actually cools at one speed. The system cycles and the fan moves at 100% capacity until the temperature in the home is at the thermostat setting. When you set the thermostat to a temperature lower than you need, the system cycles for longer periods of time.

Low Temperatures Waste Money

You do not need the house to be at 68° when it is hot outside. Setting the thermostat this low is only going to cost you more in the long run.

  • Your energy costs go way up with all the extra strain on your AC.
  • Extra work can reduce the overall lifespan of your unit.
  • The air conditioner may need more repairs throughout the summer.

Choose an Efficient, Comfortable Temperature

The US EPA recommends setting the thermostat to about 78° on a hot day. This is all your body needs to cool off and feel comfortable. It reduces strain on the AC while providing a temperate daytime environment.

You can take steps to make sure your home isn’t too warm upon your arrival after work or after a vacation. Keep the temperature in the home 5-10° warmer when you are away, but use your programmable thermostat to have it cool back down again 20 minutes before you arrive.

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