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Don’t Wait for Too Long to Schedule Air Conditioning Services

If your air conditioner seems to be slowing down in performance or efficiency, you might be tempted to wait until next summer to schedule services. Besides, it’s only a small problem, and cooler weather is arriving soon, right? Of course, it’s difficult to tell without looking at your particular issue, but most cooling problems should be addressed ASAP, even at the end of summer. Here’s how a small problem can spiral out of control.

Small Air Conditioning Issues Are Usually Not So Small

Let’s say you’ve noticed a slight drop in temperatures. One possibility is that your fan no longer appears to be working properly, which has reduced the amount of air moving into the system. It may only need an adjustment, or the motor could need to be replaced. In any case, this seemingly small issue can turn into something much worse—fast. The lack of airflow can cause the indoor coil to freeze, which then halts the cooling process completely, and it can cause the blower motor to become overworked.

Many of these “small” cooling issues can turn into a big deal because the problem will not fix itself. When a single part of the air conditioner is compromised, all of the other parts work a little harder to help solve the problem, and your air conditioner no longer runs efficiently. What’s worse is that the parts can become so worn down, that the repair can become a larger, more expensive job by the time your system breaks down and you call a technician to your home.

Don’t wait to call your local HVAC technician when you notice problems with your AC. You never know when a heat wave will hit, and you want your system to run efficiently, effectively, and without breaking down.

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