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Ask Us About HERO Financing for Central Air and Heating Replacement!

Are you ready to throw out your outdated heating and air conditioning equipment and trade in for an energy-efficient system? Are you worried that you cannot afford to upgrade your system to one that helps you have a more positive environmental impact and cut your bills? You might qualify for a new financing program in California that helps efficient equipment become much more affordable.

What Is HERO Financing?

The HERO program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) finances the entire cost of a new energy-efficient home system, with low interest rates payable over a period of several years. You make payments through your property taxes, and payments are passed to new homeowners should you sell your property at any point.

Who Qualifies for HERO Financing?

You’ll have to apply through the program to find out whether you qualify. Homeowners must be current on mortgage payments and property tax payments, with no late property tax payments in the last three years and no late mortgage payments in twelve months.

What Products Qualify for HERO Financing?

There are many different types of product out there that could be eligible for HERO financing, everything from insulation to furnaces to toilet replacements. The only “catch” is that you must install a modern product designed for greater efficiency. A new air conditioning system, for example, must have a SEER of at least 14, and you must be replacing an outdated system. With a more efficient heating or cooling system, you should notice better performance and lower monthly energy bills, as well as fewer repairs, making it well worth the effort to apply through the HERO program.

Who Offers Installation through the HERO Program?

Only qualified technicians who register to work through the HERO program can offer these benefits. Check the HERO program website to find an eligible contractor near you.

Contact us for all your air conditioning and heating needs! Air Classic offers HERO financing installations in Los Angeles, CA.

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