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5 Ways to Save Money on Cooling this Summer

Most homeowners in the area know that their energy bills are going to be at their highest in the summer months. Southern Californians don’t typically have high heating bills, but in the summer it’s a lot tougher to save. You don’t want to shut off your air conditioner completely. So how do you lower your cooling costs when more summer heat waves are ahead?

  • Schedule a maintenance visit. Professional air conditioning maintenance is a service offered by local HVAC contractors in most areas of the US, though the service can vary. Most companies offer a tune-up and inspection. They can spot problems early in the season, and the tune-up may help to improve energy-efficiency.
  • Change the filter. Your air conditioner has an air filter that collects particles from the air. Once it’s too full of particles, air may get blocked out as well. And without enough airflow, your air conditioner cannot do its job—and uses a lot of energy trying. Change your filter every month!
  • Raise the temperature. Turning up the temperature one or two degrees can make a major difference in your monthly bills. The Department of Energy recommends a 78° setting for efficiency and comfort in the summertime, when temperatures start to peak.
  • Turn up the thermostat even more when you leave. It’s a good idea to turn up the temperature in your home by about 5-10° when you leave the house and while you sleep as well.
  • Don’t ignore AC issues. We know that you would rather not spend money repairing your air conditioner this summer. But if you notice an issue with the AC system, you cannot wait to resolve the issue. When a part of your air conditioner is broken, it typically pulls in a lot of energy to compensate, raising your bills and leading to a potential breakdown in the near future.

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