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3 Reasons to Schedule AC Service Today

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that an air conditioner needs service ASAP. When the air conditioner is stuttering as it attempts to start up, or when it doesn’t send any cool air through the vents of your home, you call a technician, since repairing an AC system on your own would be quite difficult.

We typically recommend that you service your air conditioner before something goes wrong by calling your local technicians for a maintenance visit. But why would you schedule service if nothing seems to be wrong with the system?

Prevent Repairs

With routine maintenance services, you can actually prevent your air conditioner from requiring emergency service for a longer period of time. This isn’t true in all cases, as a maintenance visit cannot guarantee a system won’t become worn out in the summer. However, many homeowners who get a tune-up and cleaning with us don’t end up calling us for the rest of the season for repairs. And if a tech does discover you may need repairs during a routine inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you won’t need it later in the season.

Improve Efficiency

An air conditioner costs an awful lot to run, especially in L.A., but you can help to regain some of that original efficiency you had when it was first installed by scheduling service today. Routine maintenance includes adjustments like electrical tuning and coil cleaning that can help to restore some efficiency to your system, helping you to save money each month.

Keep Your System Longer

Because a routine maintenance visit helps to remediate some of the wear and tear of standard use, an air conditioner that gets service each year could actually last for longer. When you call for air conditioning maintenance each year for the entire lifespan of your system, you’re likely to see fewer issues, and you won’t have to think about paying for AC replacement for quite some time.

Air Classic provides AC installation and service in West Hollywood and throughout the L.A. area. Call us for all of your AC and heating needs!

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